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Measurement of CO2 Emission

Measurement of CO2 Emission

Our qualified energy engineers offer reliable measurement of six GHGs (specified under Kyoto Protocol) generated out of offices, production lines, or events, etc. Our experts are available to measure large-scale factories as well.

We also offer calculation of emission generated by commuting that is not able to be covered by a domestic version of calculator. For corporate customers, our professional engineers individually offer consultations.

Moreover, we would show you the number of trees required to offset the emission based on the data about CO2 absorption and amount of carbon by types of trees.

  • Livestock industry:Ruminant livestock such as cows and horses release Methane out of foodstuff fermented in the digestive organs.
  • Agricultural industry:Rice cultivation emits Methane when methane producers release it into the ground Chemical fertilizers and organic ones also release Dinitrogen Monoxide into the soil.
  • Pulp and Paper industry:Combustion of fuels releases CO2. Boilers and turbines emit Methane and Dinitrogen Monoxide.
  • Chemical Industry:Production of Ammonia and Nitric acid emit CO2, Methane and Dintrogen Monoxide.

We offer the highest quality emission reductions from action plans such as measurement of CO2 emission, purchasing emission credit for carbon offset, introducing carbon minus strategy, and forestation to absorb CO2, to consultation for CDM applications and energy saving.

We can provide all you need for emission reductions.

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